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Zari Jute Basket

This hand-braided jute basket is a stylish addition to any environment and doubles as a great storage option!

Made from 100% jute, it is an eco-friendly fibre that is exceptionally strong!

The pop of teal on the tassel completes this great piece. Use as a planter for an extra earthy vibe!



The Zari Jute basket is sturdy, well crafted, and absolutely what I needed to carry anything. I absolutely love the strength of this product and am very happy with this purchase. 

karen choops

I've had this blanket for about 3 months now and I love it. I stayed the night at my cousin's house and she had this blanket and I slept so well I had to buy it for myself. I've told people about this blanket and they love it to!

Candarian Lynne

I purchased this dreamcatcher for my wife in hopes that it will help her sleep better and give her additional good luck. So far it has been a blessing and is a very nice addition to our bedroom.

Melvin A.

My pooch is very happy after purchasing the canine bed. It is a very well made dog bed and looks great in our house! Seeing my dog so comfy makes me wish I had one for myself lol

Maxwell Brenj

Couldn't be happier with the Charging Station! It is Very convenient as I can charge my phone without any cords and read at the same time. So much better!