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Bring the moonlight in...

Bring the moonlight in...

'Tis the time when all are settling in for the cooler months. The days are shorter and let's face it, any boost to our environment can make the difference we all crave!

How to give homes the wow factor?

“Wow factor” can mean a lot of different things. A new, tall and lush plant, the addition of a fireplace, an updated patio, or better yet…a captivating moonlamp!

Best places to put my hanging moonlamp?

Your bedroom! Settle in for the night with your favourite nightcap, a book or a must-watch flick all under your very own moonlight!

Your dining area! Up the ante by skipping the candles and diving right into dinner under the moon!

Your living room! Start the fireplace, grab the popcorn, and you guessed it: Flick on your moonlamp and settle in ....ahhhh.

Your entranceway! You will set quite the mood and impression by greeting your visitors under moonlight. 

I own a moon!

Who ever thought you could buy your very own moon? We can't think of anything better! We thought you should know that it is actually uniquely designed to replicate the moon we see each and every night! 


Did you say discount?

Spoil yourself and get one of these must-haves that EVERYONE is talking about! Offering a 20% discount on all sizes of our hanging moonlamps, while supplies last! Shop Now!