5 Reasons to switch to wooden cups...

  1. Versatility - Unlike plastic or glass, wooden cups allow for many different types of liquids and temperatures. Offering the flexibility of enjoying wine at dinner, tea in the afternoon, orange juice with breakfast, or coffee in the morning!
  1. Durability & Portability - Whether using in your home, on your patio, or camping, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or deforming. This makes them great for many environments! The perfect little travel companion.
  1. Easy Cleaning - The smooth finish allows liquids to slide off the surface easily. Just a quick rinse with a gentle soap and voila!
  1. Presentation - Wood grain, natural wax finish, and rounded shape are very pleasing to the eye. Who knew your cup would double as décor? Promising to add depth to any room, these quality wood cups are a unique feature to add to your table settings. 
  1. Natural - Made of solid wood, these cups will offer a hint-of-peace, kinda how one feels out in nature. Just like the roots of a tree, you will feel more grounded while enjoying a beverage out of one of earth’s gifts. Hygge approved!

Click the link to purchase todayReceive an additional 20%-30% off when you buy in bundles!

Your loved ones will thank you.

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