The most important elements for a calmer home...

Feeling a little uptight? Craving a soothing home environment? 

Feeling a sense of peace is crucial to a relaxed mind and body. It's time to let out a soothing sigh of relief...a more zen living space could be yours.

Let these products transform your space.


A Small Indoor Water Fountain

Acting as a pleasant distraction from chores, a family house meeting, or a project…this little marvel is sure to de-stress any person within 10 feet, in 10 seconds flat.

A polished vase with robust branches covered in cherry blossom-like flowers, draws your attention and demands a steady gaze. Water trickles down the side, circulating and offering a soothing meditative sound.

Did you know? Less stress improves your quality of life - making you feel naturally more energetic, happier, and optimistic.

There is a reason the sound of water is on almost any meditation available. All the supplies are included to get this indoor table fountain started. 

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 A Buddha Figurine

Finally! A multi-purpose companion every home needs. Known to represent harmony and serenity, this carefully crafted Buddha figurine offers peace and versatility.

At its centre, a bowl-like lotus flower rests…perfect for storing small items. Gather the clutter and notice an instant feeling of relief; time to let Buddha watch over it.

Or, what about a succulent or small plant? That’s right! It can also act as a Buddha planter for indoor or outdoor use.

This one includes an eBook on Zen Mastery.

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A Unique Chandelier

And just like that, your home has it all! Often relied on to provide the ambiance and warmth to any environment, lighting is key to improving your surroundings. After all, there is a reason lighting is known as the jewellery of any home.

Believed to boost energy and offer healing properties, crystals are the focal point of this Scandinavian lighting. Not just any crystals, these K9 crystals are known to shimmer and glisten at least 10x more! This modern crystal chandelier boasts a contemporary stainless steel frame… be prepared to be awe-struck. 

Click here and be one step closer to turning your home into a retreat.



A Unique Diffuser

It’s one thing to have an aroma diffuser, but what about one that offers intricate artistic detailing? Offered in chrome brass or an airy and modern white, this essential oil diffuser is in its very own category.

Settle in for the night with your favourite oil to feel an instant sense of calm. Or, add your favourite oil when trying to muster up the energy for household chores. Perhaps you are preparing for a bath, set the ambience with one of 7 color options.

Added benefits may even include improved air quality, mood, sleep, and so much more.

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An Urban Boho Display Shelf

Time to ditch the boring shelf! We promise this urban Boho wall shelf is far superior! Woven with cotton and solid wood, this macramé shelf turns organization into a true work of art.

Replacing the sidewalls with handcrafted macramé creates a timeless and open feel. Perfect to warm a large space or offer a lighter, more open feeling in a smaller space.

This urban Boho piece is an update to the typical Boho trend popping for the past decade. Embrace the evolution of décor and style! 

Recommended by designers for half a decade, de-cluttering will provide a more open feeling to any home. 

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 We hope this list helped give you some ideas so you can achieve a calmer living space. You deserve it! It is time to invest in yourself!

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