Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space With These Simple Steps…

Every outdoor living space has the potential to offer a different style of square footage than your home ever could. Tapping into this unrealized potential could make all the difference in your world and the company you keep. So what are you missing? Let’s break it down:

Unique Ambient Lighting

Does your outdoor space offer warmth? Lighting can single-handedly make a space feel warmer. By taking it a step further and adding something unique like the Galaxy Gaze or Mystic Moon Solar Lamps, you can literally add ambience and décor! At a minimum of 2.5 feet tall and up to just over 3 ft, you can be sure these gorgeous options will soak up as much sun as possible, letting them glow all night long.


Hanging Chair

Did you know that the motion of rocking back-and-forth is known to replicate a heart beating? Incredibly universal both in motion and sound, swaying on a swing is a deeply calming experience. In other words, every home should have one or two! Invite your guest over, mix a cold drink, and sway the afternoon away. 

Outdoor Fountain

Creating a Zen-like experience is more important than you may think. There is a reason the sound of water is on almost any meditation available. Although there may be an upfront cost, we include all the supplies (aside from the water) to get it started.         

All you have to do is follow some brief instructions and you have your very own meditation space. Time to grab a book! Get ready to save some serious cash. You may never want to leave.

Fire pit

Did you know? Gathering around a fire is said to date back over a million years? We are confident this won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Ha! This primal experience is one that has so many health benefits - both mental and physical. It’s also a great and cost-effective way to remain entertained for hours. Grab some wood, marshmallows, and your loved ones for many memorable experiences. The moon and star cut-outs make this fire pit especially unique… watch the flames light up the designs for hours on end.         

A Meditating Gnome

What’s better than a garden gnome? That’s easy! A meditating garden gnome with illuminating glass orbs. Although solar powered lighting is great, our battery operated Om Gnome is especially convenient for those densely packed gardens, or more shaded porch layouts. With no need to compete for sunlight, this trusty companion will have no problem radiating a glow the moment dusk arrives.


Plant Stand

Every outdoor living space has a common theme, it’s outside. However, what varies dramatically is the shape and size. Whether you are seeking more privacy, space, or just love the idea of stacking your greenery, a plant stand is the way to go! Plants can be arranged by how much sun they require, whether they need to be kept away from your mischievous pup or child, or perhaps according to their size.

Convert your outdoor living space in just a few simple clicks! Shop now!

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