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Essential Oil Diffuser

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Inner peace is awaiting you!

Diffuse a few drops of the essential aroma oil into the tank, and your surroundings will be filled with a fragrant mist in no time! Whether you are seeking a more energetic mood or are longing for a feeling of calm, put a few drops into your diffuser, and voila! 

The Essential Oil Diffuser is known to improve mental wellness such as stress, depression, and anxiety. It also acts as a humidifier. did you know that adding moisture to the air benefits breathing, and can improve skin?

The LED light provides a soft glow to any room with varying colors. 

Includes 1 FREE 10ml oil!


    • Oak like appearance
    • Made from tough ABS polymers.
    • 300 ml capacity. 
    • Generates mist for up to 9 hours.
    • 1 10ml essential oil included. 
    • Ultrasonic function = quiet
    • 4 different operating modes
    • Inbuilt Soft Glow LED- Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, and Turquoise.
    • Auto shut off when the tank is empty.
    • Washable filter.

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