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Woodsy Kit Essential Oils (3 Pack) - Home & Oasis

Woodsy Kit Essential Oils (3 Pack)

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Bring the peaceful scent of the woods to your mind, body, and home! The essential oils in our Woodsy Kit will do just that!

Cedarwood - Offers a remarkable effect on the body and mind. Use it to help you focus, reduce feelings of distraction, and boost your motivation.

Fir - Sharpens your perception toward spiritual and emotional cues, and may boost your personal health. Try using it for meditation, study, reading, and prayer.

Frankincense Serrata - Treasured since ancient times as a rare and valued remedy. Just a few drops can fill your house with the unique calming and centering benefits of aromatherapy.

Unlike more typical oils, this a rare, must-have trio! At .5 fluid oz's they are also larger than the typical sizes offered in kits. 

We recommend enjoying with guests. They may never want to leave!

Buy now. Very low inventory. 


    • Set of 3
    • 15 ml bottles (0.5 fluid oz)
    • When diffusing, combine a few drops according to your diffuser's directions.

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